Hitman 3: Absolution Game Review

Hitman 3: Absolution Game Review

Hitman 3 is a highly-awaited third installment in the popular series. This time around, the game’s main storyline is more focused on story missions and the freedom offered by the” Hitman” shirt. The game also adds some fun and exciting new gadgets. However, is there still a left-field question left for fans of Hitman games: Will there be a third game in the series? That’s still up in the air.


A Hitman game is usually set in a time period after the events of Hitman: Absolution, and involves a world that has been devastated by an organization called the wolves. The protagonist of each game in the Hitman series is a professional hitman who is trying to put an end to the wolves once and for all. There have been a total of eight games in the series, each one offering something unique. For example, in Hitman: Absolution, you were an industrial demolitions expert who had been sent by the CIA to take out a group of sleeper agents who were being controlled by the wolves. The previous games in the franchise were on a smaller scale, offering a limited number of missions and a limited amount of gameplay.


I think we can safely say that the upcoming Hitman game is going to be the big hit this Christmas. The first game in the series was really successful because it was able to combine some pure action with some very clever puzzles. And while Hitman: Absolution didn’t do too well at either one, it was definitely a step up from its predecessors. I’m expecting an even better game when Hitman 3 comes out.


Now, let’s talk about the format of the new Hitman game. Unlike the previous games, Hitman: Absolution will be hosted in two parts. It will start with the current events and everything you’ve just learned from the first episode will be explained in detail. You’ll get to see how some of the players from the first episode to have died, you’ll learn more about the international organization that’s hiding behind the scenes, and you’ll see how some of the future events are going to unfold. This way, you’re not just caught up in the present, but you get to know what’s going on at the moment as well. The second part is the episodic format, where you’ll play through each level multiple times and find out what happened in each scene.


I think the first part is a good thing, but the second part is going to be a disappointment. It introduces more locations for you to explore, but most of them are pretty much recycled from the previous Hitman games. The only place I can think of that will be new is the gas station in Hitman: Absolution, which will make you go back and try the mission there instead of focusing on other locations. I would have liked to have seen more location possibilities, like the restaurant in Hitman: Absolution where the kids end up killing the guy that gave them trouble. It doesn’t happen in the game though, so you’ll have to search for other places. It would have been a nice addition.


That’s the bad news. In Hitman 3: Absolution, I noticed a few problems that could be a deal-breaker for any Hitman fan. Like, I liked the opening scene, where you see Mike, clearly an ex-Hitler, talking to a hitman recruiter about how he’s going after the target of his new job. However, the hitman recruiter says that the target is a terrorist and that you shouldn’t leave the country until the task is done. So basically, you’re stuck protecting yourself while trying to kill this terrorist.


This scene is especially frustrating because it ends before you can learn anything else about the target. This isn’t a big problem, however, as there are still plenty of interesting details in Hitman 3: Absolution. The first episode, for example, shows you how the plot develops. You learn how John Wick meets Valentine, how Wick kills his family (including wife and kids), how Wick is framed for the assassination of Egyptian president, how Alex (H Hitman 3 news writer) helps him escape, how John kills the terrorist posing as Valentine, how Alex gets framed for the murder of civilians in the Israeli airport, how Wick kills the terrorist again, and how Wick finally tracks down the terrorists that he was searching for in Egypt.


These are only a few examples. Hitman 3: Absolution features new locations, a couple of characters, a handful of weapons, and plenty of stories to keep you going. I found that I loved Hitman: Absolution right from the get go, and I’ve played through the entire game several times to continue with the challenges. It’s one of the most exciting games on Xbox Live Arcade, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of its story and gameplay.

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