What Is whatsapp Chats? Is It Ready To Replace texting?

What Is whatsapp Chats? Is It Ready To Replace texting?

Whatsapp has been a great service for me so far, but I’m not completely sold yet. I’m curious as to what is new in the whatsapp new update? I’d also like to know if anyone knows anything new about payments or plans for expansion.


When the update first rolled out there was an issue with users getting random pop-ups from other whatsapp users asking them to upgrade to whatsapp 2.0. This was a very frustrating way to lose subscribers. With the new whatsapp 2.0 you no longer get this pop-up. It appears that Facebook might have fixed this issue, but I haven’t tested this out yet.


Another feature that I am excited about is that whatsapp now supports encrypted messaging apps like Signal and encrypts your messages even further by changing the encryption on every message you send. To me this is an important feature because there’s no longer the risk of your text messages being compromised or read by anyone else. Encrypted messaging apps are a must for whatsapp because no one wants to send their credit card details to their grandma.


The last major feature I’d like to talk about is the addition of the video feature in whatsapp. If you don’t already have a video chat account with whatsapp you may use the video option to communicate with friends and family while on whatsapp. You can create a video presentation and instantly share it with everyone with the simple click of your mouse. This is a great way to promote your company with video messages and may use this feature to increase sales.


If you haven’t installed the whatsapp application yet, do so right away. The functionality is incredible and I am really impressed with how well it integrates with my business and how easy it is to use. If you’re still not sold, I suggest you download the free trial and test it out on your phone first before you decide to upgrade to the paid version. You’ll definitely be happy you did.


These are just some of the highlights I’m looking forward to with whatsapp chats. It has the functionality of a small cell phone and offers a lot more than just talking. The encrypted messaging app would be a dream come true for me and my customers. With the price $2.99 its hard to argue with whatsapp chats anyway.

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