Dish Network Is Considering a Modem Merger With HughesNet

What will 5G do for you? What will 5G do for your city? How will 5G change the world? What will 5G do for you?

In my area right now, Verizon is the main provider. So, obviously my answer to these questions is what will 5G do to me? Well, since I live in and near enough to several major metropolitan areas, I’ll get all the benefits I can think of. Testing different speeds and carriers has been interesting to say the least.

Verizon’s FiOS has the most coverage of any of the carriers. And with the addition of CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless, Verizon now has two “real” international VoIP carriers (Verizon prepaid and Verizon postpaid). However, Verizon’s other current offerings pale in comparison to the networks like AT&T, which already has a massive number of local customers. Plus AT&T’s U-verse doesn’t have anywhere near the speed and coverage that Verizon’s fiber does. Even though I am attached to Verizon, I am not a Verizon customer. But I am an AT&T customer so I decided to use their U-verse instead of Verizon’s offerings.

AT&T’s U-verse is pretty good as well. I have recently signed up for a new Digital TV package to supplement my home entertainment system and AT&T’s U-verse offers a good selection of high definition televisions and top notch cable services. While I will miss being able to watch ESPN subscriptions in HD, the HD content on other channels is well worth the extra cost each month. Plus with AT&T U-verse you can now watch movies and sporting events from all over the world on your television screen. AT&T’s high speed Internet connection speeds are also far superior to Verizon’s.

The only downfall to U-verse is that it lacks a special offer to let me save some money on my phone bill each month. The special is still available but the Wi-Fi Direct feature that ties into the mobile broadband connection is no longer available in most cities. If you live in an area where AT&T has expanded its Wi-Fi hotspots but your city is not one of them then the Wi-Fi Direct option is still available. It works great with smartphones and tablets that support the Windows Mobile 7 operating system.

What I like about AT&T’s U-verse is that they still have a few bundling offers that they have which gives you high speed internet for free if you purchase your home Internet phone service from them. They also offer a couple of special promotions like a free DVR system, free DVR upgrades, free Dish Network services and home phone service if you sign up for TV service with them as well. Plus all U-verse customers who get three cell phone service plans in combination with their broadband Internet will get a free DVR box with Dish Network. This promotion is limited at the moment but might be extended soon.

Dish Network’s newest promotion is called DVR Blast. It gives two free months of DVR rental plus an extra paid home access fee if you sign up for a new residential DVR package. They have yet to announce whether this will be a nationwide offer. Dish Network is the biggest satellite TV provider in the world so anything they do is bound to make big waves. The low-band 5g wireless technology that they are using is something that most people will be familiar with. In fact millions of homes already have this wireless network installed in them and continue to benefit from it.

We will have to wait and see if Dish Network will try to change their name from Hughes Net to Hughes Networks or go full blown with a marketing campaign promoting their brand new low-band wireless spectrum. There have been rumors that Verizon is in talks with Dish Network concerning a possible acquisition of HughesNet. What exactly is going on there? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to my blog for more updates on this developing story.

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