The Galaxy S Receives an Android Update – Stay tuned For More Details

The Galaxy S Receives an Android Update – Stay tuned For More Details

Samsung is once again gearing up to introduce their latest handsets which are expected to sport the brand new S Pen feature. But who knows, could Samsung pull it off? Could the company pull it off in the face of Apple’s iPhone and iPod? Could the company simply copy Apple’s success and launch their new smartphones as the “iReader” and “iPad”?” You could be asking yourself these questions.


Well, let us discuss this in the following paragraphs. According to an industry source, Samsung started rolling out the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 group in some parts, starting from the second half of January. The latest update comes with major version G 1898S6CAU8 which is pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S20 group for international users only. This major update is said to bring a few improvements, as well as the regular security patches for all the Samsung smartphones which are scheduled to be rolled out in subsequent batches.


So, what exactly is it that Samsung is gearing up to announce in the very near future? A Samsung official has already confirmed that the company is gearing up for the release of its flagship phones in the next year. And from the looks of it, Samsung will be using its summer time to beef up its lineup with its new features and to introduce even more devices to its existing portfolio. This means that we might see the announcement of a new Gear Live or a new Notebook for Notebookmaster, or a brand new Samsung Galaxy S series with better specs. Whether these things will be part of the official Samsung Galaxy S20 launch event remains to be seen.


If you’re wondering what will be getting the upgrade, well, look out your near-to-future. According to leaks, the upcoming Samsung smartphone models will be receiving the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series firmware version that will come pre-installed on all current and upcoming Samsung smartphones, including the Notebookmaster and the Galaxy S4. This update, among other things, will introduce a few new features to the Samsung Galaxy S series, including the much-rumored Daydream functionality. Here’s how the update will help you enjoy a better use of your Samsung Galaxy S20 Series:


If you’ve been asking yourself whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S and the Galaxy S4 would get an update to the current Gingerbread Android security patch, the answer is “yes”. Samsung is already gearing up for the release of its new flagship smartphones in the next few months. And if we know what’s coming, we’ll also know that Samsung will be introducing two new handsets this spring – the Notebookmaster and the new Galaxy S series. When these two handsets will be released, it will be interesting to see if Samsung will bring the Gingerbread Android security patches to these two devices. Since Samsung already started receiving notifications about its new devices, we can probably expect an update to the current Gingerbread Android security patches. After all, manufacturers are always working on providing users with the best device experience.


Now let’s move on to the new Galaxy S series and the Samsung Galaxy S20. Up until now, we’ve heard very little about the details of these two devices. However, if you have any knowledge with the inner workings of mobile devices (or with mobile technology in general), you might be able to make out some of the speculations. For example, have you noticed that, just like the iPhone, the new Samsung smartphones also come with a facial recognition feature? If this new feature becomes a part of the regular features of the Samsung Galaxy S series, it will be easier for the company’s future smartphones to take advantage of a unified mobile phone experience.


In other words, the company is working on including artificial intelligence into their future smartphones. Will we see the creation of artificial intelligent computers in our future mobile phones? Yes, and so this is why Samsung’s alliance with quant developer SuMobile is also a plus for them. But if the company does decide to introduce artificial intelligence into their upcoming smartphones, will we be able to get our hands on the new Samsung android update?


Well, as it turns out, there is still no specific timetable for the release of this new operating system for Samsung’s phones. The company has, however, started receiving update notification for their s20 series of phones. The exact schedule for when they will share the final details will probably vary according to the actual progress they are making with their project. As we know, the company has already started sending out invitations to their customers for their preview launch of their new phones. So keep your fingers crossed for the update on the Samsung s20 series of smartphones.

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