Joe Biden’s Tech Guru Days Are Over

Joe Biden’s Tech Guru Days Are Over

The chief technology officer for the United States military, Joe Biden, is a man with an interesting view of technology and user privacy. As the chief technology officer of the US military, you would think that the powerful leader of the US would have unlimited access to any new tech he wants – but when it comes to personal tech, Joe Biden might be sorely disappointed. The top-secret technological devices around the President are also some of the most highly targeted hacking targets in the entire world. Here is a closer look at the “tech wars” that face the Obama administration, and how they could impact the future of the US.

When President Barack Obama was elected in November 2021, one of his top priorities was to revamp the Department of Defense. Along with this came a large number of new technologists who were charged with helping to plan, implement, and execute the new strategy. One of the key pieces of their strategy was to hire a special unit to oversee all federal information technology, much like a White House Office of Technology Management. What was meant by this was that the tech team working on the Obama campaign’s plan could oversee all developments in the field, while the president would rely on his own staff for advice on anything that wasn’t currently working – or hadn’t been considered in the last several years.

But Joe Biden didn’t see it quite the same way. In a March speech, the then vice president took aim at what he felt was an overreaching by the federal government – and the Department of Defense in particular. Specifically, the president said that the White House had become “a dumping ground for everything from high-risk Silicon Valley venture capitalists to hobbyist scientists.” The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA, which is responsible for many high-tech innovations, was a target. At the time, Schneier says that “the secretary of defense really picked up the cudgels to try to take the gloves off,” and that the resulting dispute was “not helpful at all for the nation.”

Schneier says that it’s too bad that people are picking at the military’s back when we need them most, but it’s also too bad that the government needs to come clean about its failures. In other words, people aren’t just looking for fixes; they want explanations. “The whole thing has become a feeding frenzy,” says Schneier. “It’s almost as if the government writes one big press release and then everyone picks up the baton.” “They’re feeding the media hype,” he says, “but the public doesn’t get the story that they’re being fed.”

In fact, in one case cited by Schneier, the government was found to have used copyrighted material without permission in a Wi-Fi networking site. This isn’t the first time that this has happened, he says, and it certainly won’t be the last. As time goes on, it’s getting harder for the government to protect the US from cyber attackers, and so the NSA is looking to other tech companies for help. So how can Joe Biden keep our nation safe? By listening to Joe Biden.

According to Schneier, theNSA’s budget is $ Boundless War room, the cyber war, which is a real mouth-watering misnomer. It’s actually the Cyber Command unit – Cyber Command’s equivalent to the U.S. Strategic Command. The thing about that is that, says Schneier, “there’s no such thing as a cyber-command” – because no one knows what the enemy is up to, what they use, or where they go. It’s all a guessing game, he says. But as a matter of fact, the cyber command does “a lot of good.”

Because the Cyber Command unit works with the Department of Homeland Security, the US military uses its information to help with cyberspace wars against nation-states like Iran. This helps prevent a nuclear weapon, or other potential warhead, from getting onto a passenger aircraft, or an airplane. In fact, the US State Department has long been trying to get the Iranian people to unclothe their communication systems. By the way, the current State Department head called the Iranian President a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” which is pretty scary stuff, indeed – I’d vote for him if he was an animal. No, apparently we have to do a better job of explaining it to the rest of the planet, because apparently there are people on the inside who can talk.

But back to the question – Can Joe Biden’s tech gurus unclothe the hackers and statesmen of the current US Department of Homeland Security? That’s another question for another day. No doubt, much of the budget is being used to hire “cybersecurity” firms, to hack into computer systems for fun (and, as some say, to catch hackers in the act). And now that we have the Internet and all of our electronic devices linking together into large networks, we are even more vulnerable. So, consider all this in 2021.

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