5 GG Tips to Use Hero Kimmy, It’s Still Overpowered!

5 GG Tips to Use Hero Kimmy, It’s Still Overpowered!

Kimmy is one of the deadliest heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero has enormous damage and does not have far skills. Kimmy is a very unique hero, this is because the basic attack button is changed to an analog button that is used by shooting opponents. Kimmy is also the only hero who has a Marksman / Mage role, no other hero is the same as him.

For those of you who are studying this hero, here are five GG tips for using the Kimmy hero that you can follow. Let’s check below.

1. Understand the 4 skills possessed by the hero Kimmy first

passive kill (Chemist’s Instinct) Kimmy can walk while shooting, reducing physical lifesteal by 50% and all additional attack speed will be converted to movement speed.
Skill one (Energy Transformation) Strengthens and widen the basic attack distance, each shot will give 8 (+ 34% total physical attack) (+ 45 total magic power). Unfortunately this skill only obtains 40% of the Spell Camp effect.
Kimmy’s second skill (Chemical Refinement) blinks in the specified direction, regenerates 20 energy, leaving a mark that deals damage of 14 (+ 30% total physical attack) (+ 40% total magic power) every 0.5 seconds and also a slow effect of 40 %.
Skill three (Maximum Charge) Kimmy charges in the specified direction, fires a large bullet that deals 238 (+ 180% total physical attack) (+ 210% total magic power) damage to the opponent it hits and deals 198 (+150) damage. % total physical attack) (+ 170% total magic power) against nearby targets.

2. Use this build arrangement so that Kimmy is overpowered

Build is very important in the Mobile Legends game because build greatly affects the performance of the hero you use, Kimmy can become weak and not lethal if you carelessly use the build arrangement. The following is the build arrangement for the sickest Kimmy hero that you can follow: Arcane Boots, Raptor Machete, Feather of Heaven, Glowing Wand, Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive. By using the build arrangement above, Kimmy is guaranteed to be overpowered and able to carry the team. Try it!

3. Kimmy hero game in the early game

As a hero core, Kimmy’s game in the early game is very different from other heroes. The following is an example of Kimmy’s hero play in the early game that you can follow. The first thing Kimmy did as a hero core was walking towards Mid Lane to clean the Minions, take all the Buffs and do jungling. Do this until you get level four.

Because Kimmy is a core hero, he is obliged to roam up and down to help the team heroes who are at war, destroy the opponent’s turret and gang-king. Take advantage of your strengths, namely having great damage in the early game by playing bars and aggressively. Don’t be afraid!

4. Tips for war using the hero Kimmy

War is something that must be experienced by all heroes in Mobile Legends including Kimmy, you will not be able to win the match without doing war. The following are some tips for war using the Kimmy hero that you can follow. The first is to be a distance or positioning, look for a safe position while in war, not too in front because this hero is easy to kill while in war.

Then the second is the benefit of Kimmy’s passive skill by rubbing against his opponent while he is at war, Kimmy cannot be silent when dealing damage. Then the last tip is to always target and lock first the opponent’s hero who has the lowest durability, don’t focus on the Tank hero.

5. Kimmy’s deadliest combo skill

Combo skills are very important in the Mobile Legends game, without using combo skills, the chances of being killed are very small. The following is the deadliest skill combo of Kimmy heroes that you can follow: just shoot basic attacks and one skill towards the target, use skill two only when you want to chase or run away from your opponent’s pursuit and finally use the ultimate skill to kill the opponent’s hero or just open it. folder. By using the combo skill above, Kimmy is guaranteed to be overpowered and deadly.

So, those are five GG tips for using the Kimmy hero that you can follow. Even though this hero is not as strong as before, Kimmy is still overpowered and really recommended for use. Are you interested in trying?

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